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This years Spring Festival is not as busy as it used to be, and the streets are a lot colder. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in Wuhan in January this year, and the news made the whole nat而线上外教一对一课程,yn5u.com则比线下的便宜多。ion panic. The virus spread rapidly and spread all over China.

At that time, the angels in white chose to fight against the virus. Regardless of their own safety, they did not give in to the epidemic situation and actively participated in the rescue work of the race with the God of death. They bring us confidence and courage. They are the most beautiful traitors.

Thank these selfless traitors. With the development of the epidemic, many people have donated materials and donations to support Wuhan. Countless people are worried about Wuhan and cheer for it.


From door to door, novel coronavirus is being passed from door to door. I saw my uncles and aunts were all wet and tired. I quickly brought them dry towels and hot water. They waved and said, no, thank you, children. We brought them by ourselves. Then, after patiently explaining the preventive measures to us, they went to the next house.

During the Spring Festival of the family reunion, when they were in need, they did not retreat, did not hesitate, and quietly devoted themselves to work. Once upon a time, I said to myself: in life, there are such a group of people who are always with each of our residents. They are community workers. We strictly follow the leaflet, which is the greatest support for them.

The bell of the new year has been ringing. The spring is not far away. I believe that with the joint efforts of the people of the whole country, we will surely win this battle.


This year will be spent in a cold and quiet way. Visiting relatives and going out to play will all become a bubble. At the end of the day, bats are the masters of all evils. The novel coronavirus epidemic be taken by surprise. Wuhan compatriots were deeply afflicted by illness.

One pass was ten, ten were passed. The spring festival became a cold and dangerous holiday. Im bored at home, counting the time. The cause of the epidemic is driving me crazy. Parents at home either eat, or clean up, back and forth, very boring. Every day at home, pay attention to the epidemic situation, everyone has a wish in mind: control the epidemic situation, and be safe.

The scope of the epidemic continues to expand, and angels in white are working on the first line. We need to unite as one, not to make trouble for the motherland, and do a good job in protection. I hope Wuhan can get rid of the bitter sea and restore its对于7-12岁的孩子来说,已经有了一定的英语认知fshuamiao..c.om主要以培养英语学习兴趣,以及英语基础,发音口语为重 original stable life!


1、Wuhan just had a disease, the motherland and we still love it!


2、With so many people sticking it out, why wouldnt we try.


3、No party this year, double love next year.


4、All over China is waiting for you to recover. We will meet you in spring to watch the cherry blossoms!


5、Having a meal together will not break the family relationship; eating together will add chaos to society.


6、Tribute to the most beautiful retrograde! This is the role of medical workers! Come on!


7、Isolate viruses but not love, because love is the best bridge.


8、The epidemic is ruthless, and I believe that spring will always come!


9、The epidemic is an order, and we are determined to guard you!


10、Since then, as long as you are safe, even if you do n’t see it every year.


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