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There are still many problems of environmental protection in recent years. One of the most serious problems is the serious pollution of air, water and soil. the polluted air does great harm to peoples health. The polluted water causes diseases and death. What is more, vegetation had been greatly reduced with the rapid growth of modern cities.

To protect the environment, governments of many countries have done a lot. Legislative steps have been introduced to control air pollution, to protect the forest and sea resources and to stop any environmental pollution. Therefore, governments are playing the most important role in the environmental protection tod网上学英语比较靠谱的推荐:www.jiubu.neT 联美英语网。ay.

In my opinion, to protect environment, the government must take even more concrete measures. First, it should let people fully realize the importance of environmental protection through education. Second, much more efforts should be made to put the population planning policy into practice, because more people means more people means more pollution. Finally, those who destroy the environment intentionally should be severely punished. We should let them know that destroying environment means destroying mankind themselves.


Our government is aiming to build an economized society. I think it is every citizens duty to work hard to achieve this goal

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How to build an economized society

Our government is aiming to build an economized society. I think it is every citizens duty to work hard to achieve this goal.

To build an economized society, we must keep the following points in our minds. Firstly,make sure that the lights and the electric fans are turned off when there is no one in the room. Set the room temperature at above 26℃. Remember to turn off the computer when you are not using it. Secondly, try to form the habit of turning off the tap after it is used. Use basins when washing faces or vegetables. Thus the water can be used again to clean toilets or water flowers. Thirdly, it will be good enough to use a basket instead of plastic bags when you go to the market. As we know, a basket can be used many more times.

In a word, we should try our best to build an economized society.


In recent years there has been a marked growth of fire accidents in big cities of our country. Almost every day we see fire engines rushing through the streets. Fires have not only resulted in heavy economic losses but also injured and killed many people.

What are the causes of fire accidents? Most of the fires are brought about by carelessness and violation of fire safety regulations. Others are due to the poor quality of home electrical appliances. By the way, some people dont know how to use them properly. Besides,there are quite a few businesses which focus so much of their attention on profits that they tend to neglect and even ignore fire precautions.

In my opinion, in order to prevent fires we should first of all foster peoples sense of fire prevention. The second thing we have to do is to increase the number of professional fire fighters, to whom regular training courses should be offered. Finally, we are to improve the existing fire engines and add more fire facilities to high-rise buildings. In this way, a reliable fire prevention system will be formed.


Nowadays,with more and more serious problem such as the global increasing temperture,the melting ice and the rising sea-levering,people are recognizing 阿卡索外教网www怎么.123peiyin样这个.点评com很专业the important of developing the low-carbon economic now.

There are many ways we can do to reach the loe-carbon economic.Fristly,discovering others fuels which is more clean and more green to instead of the using of carbon.Secondly, we should have the save-energy conscious and do something which we can make,for instance,using the bus ranther than car when you go out,re-use the thing that can be recycle used,reducing the use of plastic bags.Last but not least,we should plant more trees or other greenplants,in which way we can not only improve the environment,but also can make our home more beauty.

In my opnion, the most important thing to reach the low-carbon economic is everyone must try their best do what they can do for it.Once everyone have the sence of low-carbon economic and have the action by themselves ,it will be earlier to reach it.

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